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Frequency 528


Silent Disco, Wireless Headphones and Full Tactile Audio

Frequency-528 is Pittsburgh's only silent event provider. Up to 3 channels of music broadcasted through our high quality wireless headsets. The listener can pick the channel of music and the volume that they would like to listen too. Frequency-528 is also the 1st silent disco company to offer a full tactile audio experience. We have bass responsive dance floor panels with 10,000watts of power being push to them. This, along with our bass backpacks (SUBPAC) lets you actually feel the low end of the music. Truly a one of a kind experience. www.frequency-528.com

Roles: Promoter

Series: Silent Saturday's by Frequency-528

Tags: Dance Party Downtempo Drum And Bass Dub Dubstep Footwork Grime Uk Garage Silent Disco

Public Mobile PITTSBURGH PA United States
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Frequency 528

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