Saturday December 7th 2019
Electrical Tape II: Angel Freak Assembly
Collision at 8:30 PM $10
Related: Collision, Joey Molinaro, Machine Girl,

Saturday December 7th 2019
Longturn Presents: Forge w/ Annie Errez
Club Night
Brillobox 4104 Penn Ave Pittsburgh at 9:00 PM $15 Tags: House,

Saturday December 7th 2019
10 Years of Smoke Machine x 7 Years Of Hot Mass
Rave no venue specified at 10:00 PM
Related: Aaron Clark, Hot Mass, Tags: Electro, Techno,

Sunday December 8th 2019
Skeleton Hands, Bring Her, Ky Vöss, Dj Erica Scary
Brillobox 4104 Penn Ave Pittsburgh at 9:00 PM $8
Related: Brillobox, Bring Her, Erica Scary, Ky Voss, Tags: Goth, Post-punk, Synthpop, Coldwave,

Monday December 9th 2019
In the Weeds: Mx. Silkman
Ace Hotel Pittsburgh 120 S Whitfield St Pittsburgh at 9:00 PM
Related: Ace Hotel Pittsburgh, Tags: Queer, Techno, Workshop,

Thursday December 12th 2019
Dreamcrusher, W00DY, Weather, Possessioner
Collision at 9:00 PM
Related: Collision, Machine Girl, Woody, Tags: Breakcore, Noise, Punk, Rave,

Friday December 13th 2019
Ultima Bazaar: Apocalypse [A/V theme night]
Brillobox 4104 Penn Ave Pittsburgh at 9:00 PM $5
Related: Brillobox, BxC Collective, Glo Phase, Morgantics, Tags: Breakcore, Electro, Electronic, Hip Hop, Live Visuals, Modular Synth, Techno,

Saturday December 14th 2019
TRNGS, Jeff Host, RS, Vytia
3577 Studios 3577 Bigelow Pittsburgh at 9:00 PM $10
Related: 3577 Studios, Cosmic Sound, Tags: Ambient, Breakcore, Electronic, Experimental, Idm,

Sunday December 15th 2019
MC4: Nick Klein // Mx. Silkman // Non-site // Grand Mausoleum
Club Night
Collision at 9:30 PM $10
Related: Collision, Cosmic Sound, Tags: Techno,

Tuesday December 17th 2019
Pop 1280 / Death Instinct / Alamoans / Energy Work / DJ Erica S
Collision at 7:30 PM $5
Related: Death Instinct, Erica Scary, Tags: Deathrock, Goth, Indie, Post-punk,

Saturday December 21st 2019
Moving Shadows: A Dark Solstice Celebration
Mr. Smalls 400 Lincoln Ave Millvale at 8:00 PM $12
Related: Doors In The Labyrinth, Mr. Smalls, Tags: Darkwave, Goth, Post-punk,

Monday January 13th 2020
NAH/Ghösh/Machine Girl/Cloning
Collision at 9:00 PM $10
Related: Collision, Tags: Breakcore, Experimental, Punk, Techno,

Friday January 31st 2020
Luis Mojica (NY) / Sheridan Wojtyła / J Trafford / Bothersome
Club Night
222 Ormsby at 7:00 PM $7
Related: 222 Ormsby, Tags: Diy, Indie,

Wednesday April 8th 2020
Rippikoulu, Chthe'ilist, and Nucleus at Cattivo
Cattivo 146 44th Street Pittsburgh at 7:00 PM $15
Related: Cattivo, Steel & Bone, Tags: Death Metal, Doom Metal,