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Founded Friday June 6th 2008

Club Night series by Stackin Paper
Brillobox at 4104 Penn Ave Pittsburgh

anything goes bass music monthly

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Geoffrey Maddock
Starting a thread on LAZERCRUNK. We've been doing it since 2008, and want to keep it fun and fresh as possible. We changed from Thursdays to Fridays a few years back, and this past year we changed from being monthly at Brillobox to being quarterly at Brillo and Belvies, with four off-months (mostly with the idea that we'll prob do a different flavor of one off during those months). Share anything about LC here.
Geoffrey Maddock
Prior to Lazercrunk, we had a one off series called STACKIN PAPER that was sort of the blueprint proto-LC, and for that we started the Stackin Paper mix series, that were each put out as a physical audio mix CD with a megamix each from Cutups (me) and Keeb$. As time went on, it got harder to find time to actually to record these, so I suggested we kick off a more casual, digital only mix series, dubbed BLAST OFF, which is mostly just us recording new stuff we're collecting for LC or recordings from gigs. There's an ongoing archive of them on my soundcloud page, embedded below.
Geoffrey Maddock
Currently Lazercrunk is on hold. The Brillobox closed in 2020, and it was our primary home. But we intend to go back to throwing events in the near future. Looking for the right space and time.
Geoffrey Maddock

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