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To add anything, you must first register (simple process), and then log in.


Producers, DJs, Promoters, Venues and Artists - add yourself as an entity. From there, if you view your entity, you can add images, links, contacts, and link yourself to events.

Event Series

Add a series under the events menu for reoccurring events. These events will automatically show up on the calendar on future dates based on the reoccurrance frequency you specify.


For one offs, or instances of a series, add individual events. It's best to add as much data and fill out as many fields as possible, but the only required fields are Name, Event Type and Start At. Adding related entities and tags will help users discover your events. But we would recommend not adding more than six tags, or excessively creating new tags that others users won't use.


Any event that has been added will appear on the calendar automatically in blue. For each series, the next instance that has not yet been added will be displayed on the calendar in light blue.

Following & Getting Updates

In order to mark yourself as attending for events, follow entities or keywords, you first have to register and and in. Once you're logged in, you'll see a "star" icon next to any event, you can click it to mark yourself attending. You'll be reminded of any events you are attending as they get closer. For entities or keywords, you can click the "Follow" icon and you will receive future updates about events related to those entities or keywords.

Video Tutorials

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