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a fan, promoter and dj of electronic and experimental music (and beyond) since 1995. i love playing music that evokes a striking style, emotion or atmosphere, as well as connecting the dots through the various genres and scenes of music. i have a strong affinity for American breakcore, experimental hardcore and noise, the hardcore continuum of UK bass music, classic industrial and ebm, but delve into numerous styles as disparate as 90s dancehall and hip-hop, classic post-punk and deathrock, skittering idm or modern synthpop and electro. whatever excites me, I try to bring together and blend.

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Roles: Dj Promoter

Series: LAZERCRUNK FUZZ Coven - Dark Thursdays Cutups - Live Sessions
Tags: Bass Drum And Bass Footwork Jungle Rave Breakcore Electronic Idm Electro Experimental Dubstep Industrial Synth-pop Hardcore Post-punk

Home Allentown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States

Geoff Maddock geoff.maddock@gmail.com 412-320-1476

Facebook: cutupsmethod Twitter: @cutups Instagram: @geoffcutups

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Geoffrey Maddock

2 years ago
Geoffrey Maddock

5 years ago

Started June 1996
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