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Friday November 24th 2017

10:00 PM until 02:00 AM

STRANGEWAYS at SPiRiT Lodge 11/24/17

indie dance party of all eras
Strangeways series Club Night
Spirit 242 51st Street Pittsburgh
$5 21+
1 users attending


november: as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it's easy for one to fall into the vile clutches of seasonal depression. that is why it is so very important to surround yourself with the people you love this crucial time of year. as a precautionary measure, s-dubs hq has scheduled plenty of dancing at various locations throughout the city all fall and winter.

yet with thanksgiving right around the corner, the urge to share in memorable experiences with loved ones is undeniably strong. unfortunately, many of you may be far away from a lot of people that you care about, both literally and figuratively. no problem! enter: "STRANGEWAYS". a warm beacon of neon light shining in a black vortex of frigid darkness. a much-anticipated monthly escape from the harsh realities of existence and the banalities of everyday life.

and while it's true that we pride ourselves on being a high-octane, grade-a, nonstop party machine, it might also be fair to say, that at least for the interns, "STRANGEWAYS" has managed to develop into something slightly more meaningful. something kind of like... family.

so, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24th, let us all rally together at SPIRIT LODGE, break bread, share beverage, compare our favorite doorbuster ads, and express ourselves through the timeless art of bodily fluidity.

strangeways: a better life through dancing
60s / 70s / 80s / 90s / 00s / 10s
britpop / postpunk / indie / psych

w/ djs jesley snipes & the comeback kid
• visuals by marie mashyna •
friday november 24, 2017
spirit lodge
10pm // 21+ // $5

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Tags: Britpop Indie Dance Post-punk Synth-pop

STRANGEWAYS at SPiRiT Lodge 11/24/17