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Saturday January 20th 2018

09:00 PM until 12:00 AM

Metria // Ashes of Angels // Black Colossus // 8cylinder

Come and join us for a night of hard electronic music and debauchery. Local artists Ashes of Angels
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Come and join us for a night of hard electronic music and debauchery. Local artists Ashes of Angels and Black Colossus are celebrating their split release on the infamous, long-thought-defunct record label No Room for Talent. Helping celebrate the release are longtime supporters and purveyors of dark Electronic music Metria and 8cylinder. It will be a night not for the faint of heart or delicate of hearing. Are you a fan of custom made patches, modular synths, drum machines blasting drum sounds that weren’t supposed to be drums, crazy visuals and disturbingly offsetting music?

Music at 9pm
5-10$ donation at the door

Metria // Detroit MI // Void Tacticle Media // From the Gut
Metria presents us with a unique style of post-industrial techno. It’s an ever-evolving sound that focuses on punishing the subwoofers with mutated noise and strangled synths. He tightly controls chaos and rhythm while giving it a human element.


Ashes of Angels // Canal Fulton OH // No Room for Talent // Experimedia
After quite a few releases and numerous live shows, one where he infamously was handcuffed and taken away by police, In Broken Key has come out of retirement to present us with his newest project Ashes of Angels. He has toned down his shrapnel glitched out IDM breaks and replaced them with soul. Paying homage to his industrial roots, he takes a more serious tone to this project.


Black Colossus // Akron OH // No Room for Talent
Head honcho Greg Trash presents his first material in over a decade and his first live performance since early 2000s. He presents us with a unique blend of doom metal and electronic music. The closest description one can make is this “Imagine Primitive Man covering Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works”.

8cylinder // Pittsburgh PA // Thaco
Custom made modular insanity filtered through the warped mind of the living legend himself. Using custom made modular gear he channels the forces of chaos, blending industrial, doom metal, drone and noise.

*Visuals supplied by Columbus, OH visual artist Pete Burkeet

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Tags: Breakcore Hardcore Industrial Modular Synth

Metria // Ashes of Angels // Black Colossus // 8cylinder