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Saturday March 31st 2018

07:30 PM until 11:00 PM

Altared II: Seth Graham, LXV, Forest Management, {arsonist}

ALTARED is a series of ambient and seated immersive a/v entertainment.
Palasade Playhouse
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ALTARED is a series of ambient and seated immersive a/v entertainment. Please be respectful of the space and others.

Char Stiles
Char is a researcher and digital artist. She works using emerging technologies as tools for expression. Right now she is researching the implications and the potential of live coding as a tool for activism and collaboration.

Cornelius, aka ProjectileObjects, is an accomplished VJ, projection mapper, and video producer. Versed in all areas of video production and performance art; he has explored the visual medium through music videos, motion graphics, live events and interactive installations.

Nate Cake
Nate is a VJ and exhibitions coordinator based in Pittsburgh. His visuals span high intensity, broken, and algorithmic influenced textures to found video washes.

LXV (anòmia, Umor Rex)
LXV is the most recent project by producer and sound artist David Wesley Sutton. Formerly of Current Amnesia, and Car Commercials. Distant whispers and chants spin into processed virtual light refracting off spatially arranged hypermedia superimposed over the decaying modern landscape.

Seth Graham (Orange Milk Records)
Orange Milk Records co-founder Seth Graham is touring in support of his latest work 'Gasp'

“Gasp lives in the a place where discomfort, vulnerability, and fun melt together to make a gross, classical record,” says Graham. “I have no regard for recognition within the musical canon and I want the audience to hear my indifference toward decorum within my music.”

Forest Management (Unifactor Tapes, White Reeves Productions)
Forest Management is John Daniel (b.1989 in Hemet, CA), an American musician currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois. The project began in 2011 in Daniel’s hometown of Westlake, Ohio.

“As Forest Management, John Daniel records profoundly elegaic drifts of ambient music that disarms everything in its path.” - Bobby Power, Decoder Magazine

Arsonist (Cosmic Sound)
"Collaging raucous electronics, manipulated vocals, and my mother tongue of lush string arrangements to kindle organic, texture-rich digital soundscapes"

All Ages - Non-alcoholic beverages & snacks will be provided
$7 Pre-sale / $10 Door
7:30pm door / 8:00pm music

3929 Coleman Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15207

Palisades Playhouse is handicap accessible - please inquire with any questions.

Parking will be available.

Thanks to Palisades Playhouse, performing artists, and all in attendance for helping create something we can share.

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Tags: Ambient Electronic Experimental

Altared II: Seth Graham, LXV, Forest Management, {arsonist}