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Tuesday August 7th 2018

08:00 PM until 12:00 AM

Farrand & Weston / Heather Kresge / Lombardo & Carr

experimental music and poetry reading
3577 Studios 3577 Bigelow Pittsburgh
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8:05 - Juliana Carr & Paul Lombardo (singing songs, NJ/NYC)
8:45 - Heather Kresge (poetry, Pittsburgh PA)
9:10 - Jeff Weston & Douglas Farrand (experimental music, Pittsburgh and NJ/NYC)

August 7
3577 Studios (3577 Bigelow Blvd)
$5-10 Suggested Donation

Douglas Farrand and Jeff Weston play slow music for trumpet, bass, keyboard instruments, and occasional detritus.

Jeff Weston composes music at the University of Pittsburgh where he is a Ph.D. Candidate in Music Composition and Theory, and has earned a Ph.D. Certificate in Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Sound Studies. Utilizing a non-extravagance of sound and task, Weston's music is focused upon the elementary and reoccurring.

Douglas Farrand works as a musician, composer, teacher, learner, and community organizer in Orange NJ. His interests are in music and teaching that invite us to explore our myriad processes of listening and embody a collective investigation of place, community, and personhood.

Heather Kresge (poetry)

Heather Kresge is MFA candidate in Poetry and teaching assistant in the University of Pittsburgh’s Writing Program. She received her BA in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015, where she was the inaugural recipient of the Alexandra Rowan Writing in Nonfiction in March 2015 and the Undergraduate Creative Nonfiction Award in March 2011. Most recently she was an artist-in-residence in the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Pittsburgh during the Spring 2018 semester. Her final project was a short collection of poems called "From the Background" in which she wrote on the cosmic microwave background and what precious little she understands about general relatively. Heather is currently conducting research into a funny little genre ‘quantum poetics’ that she will be better able to explain 4-6 months from now. She also runs the social media account for Astronomy on Tap, an international phenomenon that involves two of Heather’s favorite things: informal astronomy talks by astronomers and beer!

Paul Lombardo & Juliana Carr

Juliana Carr and Paul Lombardo met at an open mic in Brooklyn, NY at the dawn of 2017. Standout songwriters and performers on their own, the pair combine seamlessly to allure audiences with their tight harmonies, undeniable chemistry, and genuinely soulful songs, which fearlessly explore the broad range of the Americana genre. After their first show together, a delighted audience member deemed them “musical soulmates” noting the pair’s knack to fill in the spaces of one another’s songs, a sentiment which continues to echo many times over. Paul’s melodious upright bass perfectly complements Juliana’s rhythmic guitar and lyrical vocals with a supportive, grounding force. Juliana’s soaring harmonies weave effortlessly through Paul’s expressive vocals, reinforcing the raw emotion and energy of each song. Juliana and Paul create a genial atmosphere with their natural stage presence, inviting listeners to gather ‘round, come closer, and relax into the stories and sounds of their music.

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Farrand & Weston / Heather Kresge / Lombardo & Carr