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Wednesday August 8th 2018

07:00 PM until 12:00 AM

Instinct Control (Chi), Spednar, Anna Azizzy + more

experimental sounds
3577 Studios 3577 Bigelow Pittsburgh
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Instinct Control (Chicago)

Instinct Control, interventions between obsolete technology and identity, raw unmodified tape players, hand circuit bent using my practiced hand and those of the initiates.

Action permeates as fiber—an unwitting participant breathes and the act is suddenly thrown from a predicted path. Resist urges to tighten constraint. Re-imagine rigid systems as fluid opportunity: //Instinct Control// -- Outmoded technologies, devices, pathways, turned upon themselves and us in new ways of being. Metonymic transmitters and receivers all.

Instinct Control is a project of Ryan ⊥ Dunn primarily utilizing the unintended, soul-salvage of planned obsolescence through direct physical contact with the circuitry of tape players. Instinct Control considers instrumentality, expectations and the musician’s gesture—resisting the implied philosophies of settings, knobs, planned instruments, reveling in chance and dialogue, performing sound with an object which is fickle to changes in environment and performer.

Spednar (Pittsburgh)
live coding, electronics, algo-slurms

Anna Azizzy (+ friends?)
Noisy toys

+ more

u alreddy shno: a crushible sound type jump-off

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Instinct Control (Chi), Spednar, Anna Azizzy + more