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Sunday September 2nd 2018

07:00 PM until 12:00 AM

6th Circle, STCLVR, Death Instinct, 8cylinder

electric body music, post punk, industrial, and other darkly-hued oddities
Howlers 4509 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh
$7 21
1 users attending

of the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white.
"black smoke"

Come down to Howler's smoke and drink emporium for a special evening of electric body music, post punk, industrial, and other darkly-hued oddities that are money-back guaranteed to get you shaking and brooding

Excellent out of town cuts delivered by....

6th Circle (Columbus, OH - Knife Vision Records)
'Rotting Electronic Dance' music that slams as hard as it moves. Dance music to pit to. Pit music to dance to.

STCLVR (Jamestown, NY - Phage Tapes)
"Misandrist is as good a hammer as any for the job but just in case you need a fine touch, there’s a whip included. Programmed lashes, a synthesized tribulation and electronic obliteration. Just don’t expect STCLVR to set your jaw back in place afterwards."
-Tiny Mix Tapes

with local support from...

Death Instinct - Pittsburgh post punk with shades of shoegaze, space rock, death rock. A true force in the live setting


8cylinder - Pittsburgh local peddling modular madness

The price of admission to the atrocity exhibit is $7
Sunday, September 2nd
Come early, stay late
Don't be afraid to let your hair down, groove a bit.

Added by Geoffrey Maddock

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Tags: Electronic Goth Modular Synth Noise Post-punk

6th Circle, STCLVR, Death Instinct, 8cylinder