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Saturday September 15th 2018

11:00 AM until 09:00 PM

Beyond Beats: Under The 40th street Bridge

daytime outdoor popup with live electronic music and visuals
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Beyond Beats: Under the 40th street Bridge is an all day, all ages, free music event at one of the unique outdoor spots Pittsburgh has to offer.

Soundscapes by:
~Buscrates www.soundcloud.com/buscrates-16-bit-ensem

~Chipped Chops: live-coded beats and cuts from Jesse Soracco of Autonomous Bicycle and Anxiety Naps (pgh)

~C.Scott (Pittsburgh Tracks/Tres Bon Plus) https://soundcloud.com/c-scott

~Dermatone (REPB/gfx) www.facebook.com/aribproductions

~Ephen (Future Body Sound) http://soundcloud.com/ephenager

~DJ Firefly (WRCT/Cured) www.djfirefly.com

~Glo Phase (Stasis Recordings) https://glophase.bandcamp.com

~Konda The First (Sub-Sect Dance Floor Insurgency)

~Mike Masai (Tres Bon Plus) https://tresbonplus.bandcamp.com

~Nichole Greider (Tres Bon Plus) http://soundcloud.com/tresbonplus

~Rachna Radar (Internal Realmz) https://soundcloud.com/rachna_radar

~Sacral Thrash (Hoko) https://soundcloud.com/wuchina

~TzT (FutureBodySound) https://soundcloud.com/teosinte1212

~Wreck League (Western Analog Company) www.thewreckleague.com

~~Video Projection by Infinite Dream State~~

FB Cover art by Harriet

Foot traffic is encouraged to the event space. There is limited parking in the gravel lot. Drivers-park in Lawrenceville and follow 40th street until the very end/gravel lot/picnic area.

Beyond Beats is an alcohol free/leave no trace event. The safety and comfort of everyone under the bridge is taken very seriously. Please alert those working the event for any assistance needed.

Keep the vibes high.

Added by Geoffrey Maddock

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Beyond Beats: Under The 40th street Bridge