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Thursday October 4th 2018

08:00 PM until 12:00 AM

Scy1e, Nurse Betty, Xylantha, Cook/Matthiessen

experimental type jumpoff
Crucible Sound series Concert
3577 Studios 3577 Bigelow Pittsburgh
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from Oakland CA:

Scy1e (Horaflora, Weird Ear, Phinery, Enmossed)
— scy1e.bandcamp.com
"...Scy1e is all over the place, the 'digital splatter' bucket overflowing and making an absolute mess as I jump up and down with it in my hands, lid off, grinning and giggling like an idiot. Imagine if Autechre made music with no beats, all of it remaining instead in their heads, and just smeared the audio spectrum with audible paint categorized in seemingly random letter, number, and punctuation variations akin to their track titles. Scy1e, somehow speaking to me over the loudspeaker in this empty auditorium, assures me that my reaction is sufficient and that I’m going to be just fine once everything’s over. I am assured, and I wake up the next morning covered in paint that has somehow crystallized and grown while I was sleeping, a random palace of opaque geodes that shimmers in the first light of dawn. So you see what happens when Raub Roy infiltrates your headphones? You lose sight of what’s real, embarking instead down strange imagination pathways that spiral off into weird spaces." -tinymixtapes

Nurse Betty (Weird Ear)
— nursebetty.bandcamp.com
Nurse Betty is a noise experiment by Dianne Lynn of FootSOS, Homoglochini, Weird Ear Records, and Life Changing Ministry. Born of curiosity for the art of noise and inspired by concepts and processes in life science such as circulation, osmosis, pressure, and release, her modular synths, sequencers, and field recordings culminate a visceral collage of equilibrium and agitation. Nurse Betty is influenced by friends and artists of the Bay Area noise scene. Dianne Lynn, with her partner Raub Roy, founded Weird Ear Records (2011), a record label reveling in disparate forms of experimental music. Their slogan, “The Weird Ear, The Better,” serves as a guideline to the curatorial themes across all of these projects.

with locals:

Xylantha (algorithmic soundscape)

Emily Cook (bass clarinet) & Dana Matthiessen (modular synthesizer)

u already kno: a crucible sound type jump-

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Tags: Electronic Experimental Improv

Scy1e, Nurse Betty, Xylantha, Cook/Matthiessen