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Friday November 16th 2018

08:00 PM until 11:00 PM

Sammus, Romance Nyogu, Swampwalk, Kowloon Corp (Benefit Show)

pay-what-you-want show featuring Sammus, a critically acclaimed rapper working at intersection of race, hip-hop, gaming, and feminism.
Ace Hotel Pittsburgh 120 S Whitfield St Pittsburgh
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#1 Album of the Year – Scratched Vinyl
Top 10 Debut Album of the Year – Bitch Media

Philadelphia-based rap artist, producer, and Cornell University PhD student, SAMMUS' Billboard-charting album, Pieces in Space, weaves raw confessions, pro-weirdo anthems, and clever musings on modern life into a unique story about black womanhood. Pieces was released on Don Giovanni, recorded at Ampliphonic Studios with Sosa (the engineer behind Homeboy Sandman, Aesop Rock, Kemba, & others). SAMMUS is repped by NuBlack Music Group. As an academic studying sound, gaming, and the identity politics of community studios, SAMMUS (Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo) has produced articles for publications such as Bitch, For Harriet, Sounding Out!, and The Mary Sue investigating the intersection of race, hip-hop, gaming, and feminism.

20 y/o rapper and producer from Pittsburgh who’s quickly becoming known for his unique lyrical style and beat selection. advocate of peace and individuality.

A soul-searching singer-songwriter born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Hardware enthusiast who uses a Gameboy, a drum machine, and whatever else they feel like to create lo-fi beats topped with lyrics about life’s toils and beauties.

Both tape label and musical association, KC started as a formless solo exploration of ambient house, disco, electronica, and other synthesizer musiks. The project grew to include many friends and embarked on exploration of countless misunderstood pop traditions and all its predecessors. Players: Jordan Chu, Reid magette, Heather Johnson, Keith Devries, Richy Wellington.

Organized by Heather Kelley, Lauren Goshinski
Sound Engineer: Madeleine Campbell

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Sammus, Romance Nyogu, Swampwalk, Kowloon Corp (Benefit Show)