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Saturday December 29th 2018

11:59 PM until 12:00 AM

HM 6 Years [gFx] Residents Takeover

gfx takeover for a night of dance and techno
Club Night
Hot Mass 1139 Penn Ave Pittsburgh
$15 21
1 users attending

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2018 has been a big creative year for all our girlFx members, and we're excited to blow out our last Mass of the season with fresh sets from . . .

* * Boo Lean * *
Headlining tonight, gFx co-founder has been on her grind in 2018. From playing around the globe at CTM Festival Berlin, Dalston Superstore & NTS London, and Bossa Nova NYC, to curating the New Forms Festival in Vancouver - she rides for Pgh wherever she goes. Let's not forget that half the year she'd been doing all of this on crutches! Let's celebrate her recovery by (spiritually) breakin a leg w her on the dancefloor.

* * e-v * *
Comin in from Philly, we're stoked to have e-v back for another Mass! Evelyn started DJing as a student at CMU and part of WRCT, and has since taken their radio experience on the road to Philadelphia's WKDU. Although they've evolved from late night b2b2b2b2b practices with friends in a basement, their sound is reminiscent of those evenings -- sets that are about joy, nostalgia, and a celebration of the experience of dancing alongside friends at late hours.

* * @dermatone.pgh * *
Making her Mass debut, dermatone started DJing vinyl with friends in the Midwest electronic scene. She's been an avid coordinator of local music and arts events both in Madison and then Pittsburgh, and enjoys sharing her beloved brunch house vibe both as a member of gfx and the founder of REBP. Warm up the floor enjoying her wide selection of eclectic funky beats.

* * slowdanger (hybrid set) * *
With their latest release, oversoul, out on MISC records, slowdanger is a multidisciplinary performance entity based in Pittsburgh PA founded by Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight. Their work fuses sound and movement into an elusive, but illustrative combination of dance frameworks, electronic instrumentation, vocalization, physiological centering and ontological examination. slowdanger uses performance as a ritual practice to delve into circular life patterning: such as effort, transformation, and death. slowdanger’s sound and performance work has been featured internationally in venues ranging from proscenium theater settings and galleries to nightclubs and dive bars.

* * visuals / lighting / environment by julie malice * *
Julie is a multimedia artist and educator working with digital media, paint, installation, performance, sound and audience interaction. Their work focuses on building community, audio-visual experiences, speaking truth to power, and imagining new landscapes. This year, Julie was awarded a commission to paint a 1000+ foot wayfinding mural on the street of Strawberry Way in Downtown Pittsburgh (not far from Hot Mass, take a walk on your way over!). Their studio practice is based out of creative hub, BOOM Concepts, and they are a both a DJ and visual artist resident of gfx. Follow them @JulieMallisArt or visit www.juliemallis.com

gfx is a collective of women and non-binary individuals who stand for ownership and representation in the nightlife community. We host Hot Mass every 5th Saturday, “In The Weeds” at Ace Hotel every 2nd Monday, and "Tea Time" during the cold months. We welcome people of all identities.

gfx strives to create responsible spaces and is committed to your physical and emotional safety at events. If you witness or experience harassment, discrimination, or behavior that poses as a potential threat during your time at Hot Mass, we encourage you to speak with girlFx staff located at ticketing, along with the onsite Security team. We take these issues seriously, and are an open door to answer your questions and assist as best as we can. We want you to have a great night -- know you can reach out to us at any time.

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HM 6 Years [gFx] Residents Takeover