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Friday April 26th 2019

08:30 PM until 12:30 AM

Kazehito Seki ∆ Arvid Tomayko ∆ Kiran Arora ∆ Ether ∆ pvkvsv

experimentation, beats and improv
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at Collision warehouse (e-mail collisionpgh@gmail.com for address)

KAZEHITO SEKI (Kawasaki/ Tokyo/ Japan)
Amplified voice artist, noise musician, etc. His latest solo project, called Self Toxication, explores possibilities of extended vocal techniques and their amplification through feedbacks and re-amplification processes. His unique organic noise coins onliest groove with dynamic physicality.

Hussein Pwono is a Congolese-American artist, beatmaker, and emerging producer from Pittsburgh, PA. He expands on jazz and hip hop roots & incorporates electronic elements and samples from any "music that moves."
Hussein just released his first album, peels 2, in January, as part of the inaugural Stacks Collection by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (https://stacks.carnegielibrary.org/albums/pvkvsv-peels-2). Wasting no time, he is currently working on his first label release with the Japan-based creative label, brrwd (www.brrwdlove.com).

new hIp-hop producer with eclectic influences

Kiran Arora a Texas, by way of Los Angeles, based noise artist commits an emphatic and unsettling statement of harsh noise endurance. Kiran hands us over a clarity of commotion yielding to compelling showers of junk metal and howling noise clamor. https://youtu.be/mtlG-dOmekU

Tomayko is an experimental musician and multimedia artist exploring the intersection of expressive electronic sound performance, process driven composition and interactive installation. His pieces are realized as unique auditory and visual performance systems that alternately focus or expand the capabilities of the performer. Tomayko's performance work questions how time is experienced what “now” means on timescales from milliseconds to millions of years.

$7-$10 for international touring and local artists.
all-ages, no underage drinking.
doors at 8:30, music at 9:00

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Tags: Experimental

Kazehito Seki ∆ Arvid Tomayko ∆ Kiran Arora ∆ Ether ∆ pvkvsv