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Friday May 31st 2019

08:00 PM until 11:00 PM

Spires That in the Sunset Rise, AAzizzy, BBeep, MCox, Diaphony

live wild experimentalism
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Spires That In The Sunset Rise
"Spires That in the Sunset Rise have been unsettling and thrilling audiences for over a decade now with their brand of sonic alchemy. Combining traditional acoustic instruments like cello, spike fiddle, banjo, and lately more on flute and saxophone with electric elements and mesmerizing chants, one can call them goth, folk, psychedelic, experimental, electronic--and it all applies. They have four full length releases on labels like Secret Eye and Galactic Zoo Disk and two more on Hairy Spider Legs. The band is paired down to two women these days, each busy performing and releasing solo material as well. Many audiences have seen them expand into pure improvisation lately, but there is still song writing taking place, and often STITSR play the line between the two. Always original, always pushing themselves into new territory, STITSR still very much enjoy playing, as they are coming upon their 13th year."

Anna Azizzy
noisy toys and jokes

Bruiser Beep
Loose, swelling epics from unassuming machines ... dramatic vocals

Diaphony is the extemporaneous inception of pianist Susan Kuo and violinist Danielle Rager, summoning consonant dissonance from medieval chants, neoclassical harmonizations, and postmodern electronic roars.

Margret Cox
wizard of the tape cards

doors at 8, music shortly after!
7-10 suggested donation, no one will b turned away xo
message me for the address or email collisionpgh@gmail if i'm taking 2 long 2 respond

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Tags: Experimental

Spires That in the Sunset Rise, AAzizzy, BBeep, MCox, Diaphony