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Saturday June 29th 2019

09:00 PM until 01:00 AM

CVN [JP] / Koeosaeme [JP] / Spednar

an eclectic hybrid of beat music and abstract electronics from japan
3577 Studios 3577 Bigelow Pittsburgh
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Japan’s Nobuyuki Sakuma is a prolific artist; formerly of the Jesse Ruins duo on the Captured Tracks label, he now shifts time between releasing original electronic music as CVN (Orange Milk, Where To Now?, Angiosse), curating the mix series Grey Matter Archives, and chief editor duties at Avyss Magazine. “I.C.” will be his second album for Orange Milk as CVN, and it is an eclectic hybrid of beat music and abstract electronics. There is a searching quality in his music, with leaps in variation from track to track that are meant to elicit the mutating feelings of walking through Tokyo.


Koeosaeme (Orange Milk, Angiosse) is Ryu Yoshizawa’s solo project which pursues the fusion of programming and sound art. As a member of Yukihiro Takahashi's (Yellow Magic Orchestra) sound creation company "Office Intenzio" and former live sound engineer for Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yoshizawa has a rich history in the Japanese music industry. Yoshizawa brings his precise ear for sound design to his second Orange Milk release OBANIKESHI, which blends recorded instruments and high-fidelity electronics in music that takes cues equally from abstract footwork, noise, and 20th Century composition.


Pittsburgh native and Cosmic Sound boss himself Kevin Bednar is an experimental sound artist and programmer. His output as Spednar (Thac0, Bridgetown Records) ranges from ambient soundscapes to mangled percussion. As a software engineer by trade, Spednar's incisive performances are comprised of live-coded sets using tidalcycles, puredata and other experimental software packages.

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Saturday 6/29/2019
9 pm
3577 Studios

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CVN [JP] / Koeosaeme [JP] / Spednar