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Friday June 14th 2019

08:00 PM until 11:00 PM

Jon Mueller, Mike Shiflet, {arsonist}, and J Butler

Jon Mueller is presenting his latest body of work in Canto for gongs, voice, and percussion
The Government Center
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Friday, June 14th - 8 PM
All ages, $10 at the door

Jon Mueller

Mike Shiflet

With locals:


J Butler


Jon Mueller is a multi-faceted percussionist, presenting his latest body of work in Canto for gongs, voice, and percussion. In his solo work that spans two decades, Mueller has embarked on a lengthy exploration of the timbres, the dissonance, and the physicality of repetition from his array of percussive instruments. Gongs had long been a part of his repertoire, but here on Canto he addresses their specific sonic attributes in conjunction with extended vocal techniques bolstered through his studies with the legendary NYC minimalists LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela. In ruminating upon this shift in focus for ‘Canto,’ Mueller explains that “The driving energy of drums is replaced by deep contemplation and wonder, questions, confusion, darkness and ultimately, calm.”

Mueller began his career in the ‘80s playing in punk and metal bands, before he began his research into unconventional and non-Western approaches to percussion. Concurrently, he performed in numerous post-rock ensembles including Pele, Volcano Choir, and Collections Of Colonies Of Bees. Mueller also operates the Rhythmplex platform that operates as a publishing house for recordings and literature as well as an host for live performance.

“…an audacious ringleader for new music.”
– Pitchfork

“The music registers as a vibrating, moving force rather than a mere drum solo.”
– The Wire


Mike Shiflet is a sound artist from in Columbus, Ohio. Active in the experimental music community since 1998, he is a former member of the bands Sword Heaven, Burning Star Core, and Noumena, and ran the GMBY label until 2008. Utilizing guitar, laptop and analog devices, his solo work is a unique mix of noise and drone with melodic components that “articulates the ways that the heaviness of the world can feel purely random” (Noisey) while grappling with the delicate balance between the random violence and beauty of the world – “the more you start to find those moments of bliss too.” His self-released CD Llanos and LPs for Type Records (Sufferers and Merciless) received high praise from outlets such as NPR, Pitchfork, and The Wire. In 2018, he released the 24-hour composition Tetracosa in eight three-hour volumes.



Collaging raucous electronics, manipulated vocals, and her mother tongue of lush string arrangements, Pittsburgh based violinist and producer {arsonist} kindles organic, texture-rich digital soundscapes, giving rise to a new symphonic breed of computer music. {arsonist} has released music on Renraku and Genot Center, with a forthcoming studio album coming out on Unifactor.

" Beautiful driving synth work, unexpected sax, floating vocals. One of those play so much you have to buy on Bandcamp releases. Not that I'm mad about that."
– Bandcloud


J Butler is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He creates layered and abstract music using synthesizers, guitars, and field recordings. Butler’s work has been released by basic_sounds, Flaming Pines, and Future Sequence.

"Butler proves himself to be one of many musicians working today who has made restraint into a productive creative ethos, a common diligence that makes this contribution no less meaningful, and at times downright memorable."
– The Quietus

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Tags: Ambient Experimental

Jon Mueller, Mike Shiflet, {arsonist},  and J Butler