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Saturday June 8th 2019

09:00 PM until 02:00 AM

Make Sure You Have Fun™ Presents Cam Girl (SK/LA) + Guests

Make Sure You Have Fun™ is one of the scenes longest running and most popular monthly events centeri
Club Night
Spirit 242 51st Street Pittsburgh
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Make Sure You Have Fun™ is one of the scenes longest running and most popular monthly events centering in Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Dancehall and more on one dancefloor every month featuring local and national DJs.

Join us Saturday June 8th 2019 as Make Sure You Have Fun™ Presents CAM GIRL w/ Special Guests DJ FEMI & DJ TOPGUN

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Spirit Lodge
242 51st Street


No Dress Code

Special Courvoisier Cognac Cocktail Menu

Make Sure You Have Fun x Courvoisier USA Photo Booth

$5 w/ RSVP
$8 w/o RSVP Before 12AM

RSVP @ www.MakeSureYouHaveFun.com (or click tickets inside of Facebook event listing)


Seizures in photosensitive people may be triggered by exposure to some of lighting elements and/or visual effects inside of our event.

Patrons who are sensitive respiratorily may be triggered by our use of fog machines.



CAM GIRL was born in South Korea and moved to the United States when she was 4-years-old. In elementary school, she describes herself as nerdy with an interest in reading books, and having glasses and braces at the same time. It was not until high school that she started being a trouble maker and ditched school. Despite her absences, CAM GIRL maintained good grades throughout high school. In addition, when she was 16, she started going to a number of raves and underground events which would inspire her to become a DJ.

CAM GIRL graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz which she described as a chill, hippie school. She attended university at the same time as Lena The Plug. After college, she moved back to LA and became part of the scene and would traverse HAM on Everything parties.

CAM GIRL first met Adam22 when Lil House Phone invited her back for a podcast. She came back for another podcast and started DJing for No Jumper from there. In addition to DJing, she used to handle organizing tours and running the No Jumper online store. [10] CAM GIRL is a hip hop DJ and has DJ'd at a number of venues/events as well as toured across Asia. Wanting to go farther in hip hop, CAM GIRL is working on new music as a rapper. Additionally, she does A&R work for different labels.

CAM GIRL has a growing cult following of fans. A growing meme among them is that they are willing to protect her at all costs.

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Based in Pittsburgh, PA DJ Femi has been an integral part of the rapidly expanding DJ scene. Femi has been consistently surrounded by talented musicians from her younger days at a premier performing arts high school and throughout her nine years as a professional DJ. She has built a strong reputation, a network of talented creatives and fans (FEMI GVNG), and she has influenced the entertainment culture as one of the few successful women in a male-dominated scene. DJ Femi has range across multiple genres of music and diverse experiences that include DJing in Las Vegas for the Mayweather and McGregor Fight to DJing private events in Washington D.C, to curating events for SXSM in Houston, TX. You should work with DJ Femi if you want expert song selection, energized crowd engagement, and to support one bad ass woman who is changing DJ culture.

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Topgun is a DJ, Manager, Producer, and Clothing Company Owner. He’s from Cleveland, OH and has a heavily influenced skateboarding and punk background.

Topgun started DJing when he was 17 years old (2014), he would throw shows every couple months having local underground artists perform as well as bringing other underground artists from different cities. His name became popular through the “SoundCloud Era” working with artists such as Lil Xan, $teven Cannon, Chxpo, SwagHollywood, Terrance Escobar and many more. He’s also helped break a lot of Cleveland artists such as 55Bagz, Chxpo, Freshie (whom he helps to manage). He’s since moved to Pittsburgh, and travels between Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and LA.

In 2018 he went on his first tour with Freshie and his skate company, Rage Club. They threw events in 5 different cities at their local skate shops. Topgun and the Rage Club team would premiere their debut skate video and have a performance by Topgun & Freshie shortly after. A few months after that Topgun was invited on his first major tour by Lil Xan. The tour was around two months long and the capacity of each show was around 2,000. Shortly after that tour Freshie and Topgun were invited as special guests to perform on a couple shows of Yung Gravy’s tour, the tour was similar in size to Lil Xan’s.

Early 2019 Topgun dropped his debut project which featured artists such as Lil Xan, $teven Cannon, Chxpo, & many more. The project did over 300k streams in its first week.

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Make Sure You Have Fun™ is committed to ensuring the safest and most welcoming environment for our patrons and party goers. Agreeing to come to a Make Sure You Have Fun™ event you agree to respect personal boundaries, be accepting of all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or color. Please always be respectful and be kind. After all that is done, let's have some fun.

If ever there is a complaint, issue or praise please don't hesitate to email us at MakeSureYouHaveFun@gmail.com


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Make Sure You Have Fun™ Presents Cam Girl (SK/LA) + Guests