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Saturday September 21st 2019

05:00 PM until 11:59 PM

Steel City Ska Fest 2019

Steel City Ska Fest
Spirit 242 51st Street Pittsburgh
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Steel City Ska Fest 2019
Spirit Hall (upstairs) - 242 51st St. Pittsburgh PA
Sept. 21, 2019 / 5pm Doors
ALL AGES / $25

Pittsburgh Ska and Some Die Nameless present
Steel City Ska Fest 2019
Mephiskapheles, The Independents, The Burnrides, Catbite, Dissidente / Диссиденты, INCO FIdO

Mephiskapheles is back in red and black. The band that helped define third-wave ska, then defied critics by exploring even greater possibilities with its darkly original ska fusion, forges ahead with amazing shows and new music now available

The Independents -
Celebrating over 25 years of playing the music they wanna play, the way they wanna play it. The recipe is simple: 1 part Ramones, 1 part punk, 1 part ska, and a whole lot of Elvis, and fistful of horror for flavor.

The Burnrides -
Some beardy PGH jags blasting ska to burn one and skank to featuring many members of the PGH alternative music scene, past, present and future...

Catbite -
Hailing from the city of brotherly love, these four friends are a sweet treat for fans of Traditional Ska, Two-Tone, and Rock n' Roll.

Dissidente / Диссиденты -
Whether Russia or United States, politics are the same. Corrupt politicians and the super rich exploit the working class and build their empires on the backs of the perpetually poor. As connectivity makes our world smaller, unrest echos from murmurs and grows to roars. From Moscow to Pittsburgh, ДИССИДЕНТЫ (DISSIDENTE) screams.

With a band roster that is in the double digits, iNCO FIdO is the marauding block party parade you never knew you wanted. A sweet combination of R&B, Soul and Ska with a healthy dose of energetic showmanship thrown in for good measure.

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Steel City Ska Fest 2019