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Wednesday October 9th 2019

08:00 PM until 11:00 PM

Hodgepodge VI

Each hodgepodge highlights local and emerging Pittsburgh artists along with a featured group made up of artists that have participated in a previous hodgepodge or a touring act collaborating with Pittsburgh locals.
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a confused mixture.
hodgepodge is an interdisciplinary arts variety show.

Each hodgepodge highlights local and emerging Pittsburgh artists along with a featured group made up of artists that have participated in a previous hodgepodge or a touring act collaborating with Pittsburgh locals.

hodgepodge 6 will feature Detroit based art-rock band saajtak alongside some Pittsburgh sweeties!

hodgepodge 6 will take place at Babyland. Babyland is a community of artists, builders, and thinkers in the ground floor of the Bloomcraft Building.
Doors at 7:30PM
Show starts at 8PM
Suggested donation $10
Performances/Installations by:

// saajtak //

saajtak is a Detroit based art-rock band, its members drawing on years of experience performing free jazz, improvisation, electronic music, and chamber music. Touted as a major up-and-coming Detroit band, saajtak has a growing repertoire of songs and robust performance history. They have played at the A2SF, New Music Detroit’s Strange Beautiful Music Festival, Dally in the Alley, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Sonic Circuits Festival at Rhizome, Machines with Magnets, and have shared the stage with Xiu Xiu, Electric Six, members of Swans, ONO, Gaelynn Lea, Vicky Chow, Laurie Amat, Marcus, Alan Licht, and more.

The Detroit-based ensemble was formed in late 2014 by vocalist Alex Koi, electronic artist Simon Alexander-Adams, drummer Jon Taylor, and bassist Ben Willis. Each member is an avid composer, improviser, and performer. Individually, the members of saajtak have performed with Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes, My Brightest Diamond, Jaribu Shahid, members of Wolf Eyes, Wadada Leo Smith, Dave Liebman, Karl Berger, Ingrid Sertso, Michael Formanek and more. Together, the ensemble of friends shares an affinity for experimental music and sound art and creates truly one-of-a-kind work.

Facebook: saajtak
Instagram: @saajtak
// The Universe Online //

Scrap/freak/punk rock from the dark confines of a demon angel's mind.

Instagram: @theuniverseonline
// 5 Digit Disco //

Dig Devine is a nomadic artist-activist based in the Midwest and Northeastern US. They received their BFA from the College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Interested in expanding their knowledge of sexuality on a more global scale, Dig backpacked across Northern India to study the politics of gender and religion with Operation Groundswell and native partners. Dig dug deeper into gender theory at Queer Geographies, a video-based residency at Anima Casa Rural in Jalisco, Mexico, where they worked alongside several other non-binary artists. Their work from Anima was exhibited at Galeria Daniel Diaz in Guadalajara. As an Artist-in-Residence at Salem Art Works, Dig built an interactive, Tibetan- prayer-wheel-inspired, steel Pride flag and installed it in Cary Hill Sculpture Park. In this past year, Dig served as the Creative Director and Installation Artist for the up-and-coming sound collective “Fruit LoOops”

Instagram: @5digitdisco
// Simon Phillips //

Simon Phillips, 24, born and raised in Macon, Georgia, has always had a passion for the arts and sciences. He began formal dance training at age 10, studying tap and jazz. One year later, under his teacher’s guidance, he began training in ballet. Though Simon enjoyed this form of recreation, he was most fond of the West African training that became the bulk of his early dance study. Aside these styles, he also studied modern, lyrical, hip hop, and Latin dance throughout adolescence.

Today, Simon is still driven by his passion in the arts and sciences. His teaching method focuses on development of character through the personal investigation of intent. Simon’s approach to dance encompasses the mind and body into a single expressive system, capable of embodying and communicating abstract ideas. His goal is to inspire people to explore individual thoughts and feelings, and to consider their relationship to the artistic human voice.
// Kelsey Robinson //

In my current work, I mostly seek to untangle the knots of my multiracial ancestry and explore identity through historical study, dramatization, storytelling, sound and textiles. Displaying this process of self-discovery is a way to halt and heal transgenerational trauma for myself and others. As an actor and storyteller, I focus on cathartic honesty and engaging with an audience as exchanges with individuals, rather than a distant plane. Shifting forward from my past, primarily as a theater and vocal artist into a future world of anthropological studies informing my art, I am interested in studying ethnomusicology, using autoethnography as a primary research method. I am inspired by LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs’ soundscapes, poetry and medley of language and code, Dread Scott’s, subversive messaging through familiar signage and historical re-enactments and Anna Deveare Smith’s diligent captures of American voices and precise dramatizations.

Instagram: @kwjumper
// Sean Starr //

[video artist, PGH]

Instagram: @seanstarrve

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Hodgepodge VI