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Friday November 15th 2019

09:00 PM until 01:00 AM

Fire-Toolz, Mukqs, Le Creuset, {arsonist}

Cosmic Sound presents a massive night of genre-bending experimental electronics
3577 Studios 3577 Bigelow Pittsburgh
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Cosmic Sound presents a massive night of genre-bending experimental electronics

Fire-Toolz [Chi] (Orange Milk, Hausu Mountain, Bedlam Tapes)

Fire-Toolz is one of the many musical monikers from the consciousness that has taken the physical form of a transfemme non-binary human named Angel Marcloid. Characterized by multi-aesthetic overload, the music of Fire-Toolz simultaneously and expertly draws from jazz fusion, electro-industrial, new age, black metal, prog-rock, and noise improv. Marcloid's maximalist style and prowess on DAW, keys, guitar, bass, and larynx shredding vocals alike has garnered critical acclaim from nearly every DIY and mainstream music outlet including Rolling Stone, the Quietus, the Wire, Pitchfork, Noisey, and Tiny Mixtapes. As Noel Gardner said of most recent LP "Field Whispers (Into the Crystal Palace)" on Orange Milk Records, "Fire-Toolz' fifth album sounds like so many things that it ends up sounding like absolutely nothing on earth."

Mukqs [Chi] (Orange Milk, Doom Trip, Umor Rex)

Mukqs is the solo moniker of Max Allison, co-director of the prolific experimental tape label Hausu Mountain and performer in the improvisational Chicago noise group Good Willsmith. As Mukqs, Allison creates dense, colorful, and dynamic electronic compositions by recording jams made on his synths, multi-track looper and drum machine directly to cassette in real time -- no overdubs. The result is an artist constantly evolving; Allison playfully arranges sounds into scenes that he inhabits briefly before moving on to construct his next stage set. Mukqs's recent releases on Orange Milk and Doom Trip Records received acclaim from Pitchfork, Boomkat, and Tiny Mixtapes.

Le Creuset [Cle] (R&D Recordings)

Since September 2016, Le Creuset is the project of Cleveland based sonic and visual artists Matthew Gallagher (aka Machine Listener) and Jake Johnson (aka Moltar). Based on the engineering of new formulas for generative audio processing, metaphysical communication and psychoacoustics, Le Creuset utilizes extended techniques in sampling and field recording to produce complex "living" sonic environments. Live and recorded performances have been described as "time dilating" and "shit that would make Pierre Schaeffer happy."

{arsonist} [Pgh] (Unifactor)

{arsonist} is the solo project of Pittsburgh native, classically-trained violinist and producer Danielle Rager. Collaging raucous algorithmically-influenced electronics, manipulated vocals, and her mother-tongue of lush string and orchestral arrangements, {arsonist} kindles a unique symphonic form of computer music. Her tracks have been featured in collections from Renraku, Genot Centre, and PC Music, and she makes her full length studio debut with a forthcoming album on Unifactor.

9pm at 3577 Studios
Everyone welcome except jagoffs

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Fire-Toolz, Mukqs, Le Creuset, {arsonist}