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Saturday November 9th 2019

09:00 PM until 02:00 AM

Make Sure You Have Fun™ 2 Year Anniversary w/ Four Color Zack

monthly event centering in Hip Hop, Future Beats, R&B, Trap, Dancehall
Club Night
Spirit 242 51st Street Pittsburgh
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Make Sure You Have Fun™ is one of the scenes longest running and most popular open format monthly events centering in Hip Hop, Future Beats, R&B, Trap, Dancehall and more on one dancefloor every month featuring local and national DJs.

Join us Saturday November 9th 2019 as we celebrate Make Sure You Have Fun™'s 2 Year Anniversary! We couldn't have made it this far without the continued support of our guests and lovers of music so we planned a banger for you all. And do we have a lineup for you...

We're extremely excited to announce that for our 2 Year Anniversary we will be bringing Red Bull 3Style Champion Four Color Zack (SEA) to Pittsburgh! Catch him performing inside of Ian Brill's Final Vault in it's last year! Joining him will be none other than Goldie Awards DJ Champion, DJ ADMC (PGH), Red Bull 3Style regional qualifier DJ Bamboo, KERIM The DJ (BK), tj groover (NJ), DJ Nate Da Barber (PGH), Doctor Dap (NYC) & RB (PGH).

***2 Level Party**

Powered by Courvoisier Cognac


242 51st Street
Pittsburgh PA 15201


No Dress Code

Specialty Courvoisier Cognac Cocktail Menu

Specialty Redbull Cocktail Menu

Make Sure You Have Fun™ x Courvoisier Cognac Photo Booth

$10 w/ RSVP & Before 11PM
$15 w/o RSVP

***As a thank you for your continued support, there will be a limited amount of FREE passes available online. ACT FAST!***

RSVP @ (or click tickets inside of Facebook event listing)


Four Color Zack

Four Color Zack is a technically dazzling “DJ’s DJ” and top party rocker at the same damn time, deftly cutting between arena shows, Vegas megaclubs and underground parties with style and ease. Between his winning sets at the Red Bull Thre3style World Championships and his unrelenting touring schedule, the Seattle record slinger showed the entire globe what it means to be the best behind the decks, but real heads have known for years that every single FCZ set is a master class in creativity. It’s why Fool’s Gold Records press his beats to wax, why his mixtapes feverishly celebrated, and how he is constantly able to reinvent the landscape of modern party DJing.

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Based in Pittsburgh, DJ ADMC has built a reputation off his creativeness, professionalism and unique approach to DJing. Respected by many in the DJ community, ADMC has built a following on a national level that expands worldwide and has established himself as one of the top DJ’s in the industry. Brand ambassador to the #1 DJ Record Pool in the world (BPM Supreme) and competitor in the 2018 Red Bull 3Style USA Finals, ADMC is quickly becoming recognized as a staple in the DJ game. As the resident DJ at Belvederes Ultra-Dive he has been essential in the venue being voted Best Club by Pittsburgh City Paper 2017-2018.

Continuously striving to broaden his audience, new events are regularly added to ADMC’s ever growing library of themed nights. You can also spot ADMC across different types of venues allowing him to show off his skills in all other genres including club, house and the unique Drummer / DJ sets which pairs ADMC with accomplished drummer, Dylan Wood, for a rap/rock mash up highlighting ADMC’s skill for improvisation and raw talent.

Growing up in the Pittsburgh area, ADMC has not only seen the growth of the music scene around the city but has become a central figure in its continued evolution.

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DJ Bamboo

With over 10 years of DJing and music production under his belt, DJ Bamboo is a pioneer of the Pittsburgh music scene. He’s held down multiple weekly residencies at every major venue throughout the city and country. Bamboo’s passion for music shows in his style and sound, mixing things up playing a wide variety of genres to keep things interesting yet energetic on the dance floor.

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Spinning records in clubs since he was fifteen, Kerim harnessed his skills on the local reggae-club circuit in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. He set himself apart with his ability to smoothly mix the foundations of DJing with the modern party-rocking techniques of today. By the age of sixteen he had secured a residency at the Caribbean American Entertainment Center, where he held weekly events.

After a brief hiatus used to focus on his studies and
instrumental interests, Kerim decided to return to his disc jockey roots during his junior year of college. He quickly created a following and a reputation for himself as the best DJ on campus, sweeping the competitions held by the student body. His accolades continue to grow as he is now a top-6 contender in the NYC and Washington DC DMC DJ battles, and reigning champion of Washington DC’s 8-3-1 DJ Battle.

Kerim’s innovative style, influenced by his time as a percussionist has allowed him to move crowds of all creeds while showing off his unique skill set (which now includes an electronic drum he has configured for use with his DJ equipment). Known for his unpredictable selection, he has been spotted at a wide array of venues domestic and international alike. Some of these include Marquee NYC, Hard Rock Cafe in South Africa, and Thompson’s Garage in Belfast, Ireland.

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tj groover

TJ Groover is a music producer and DJ raised in New Jersey, but currently based in Pittsburgh. His early work was primarily producing hip-hop and r&b music for local artist. Currently, TJ Groover has been focusing on branching out and building his own brand by making edits/remixes of his favorite songs and DJ’n around the Pittsburgh club scene. His current sound is influenced by multiple genres of music such as funk, house, Afro beat, and Jersey club.

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DJ Nate Da Barber

DJ Nate Da Phat Barber is easily one of the most recognizable names in the Pittsburgh region. Over the last 20 years he has built a reputation as one of the premier DJ’s in the city. He has also produced and promoted some of best events Pittsburgh has ever witnessed. Not limiting himself to his hometown, Nate has rocked crowds in such markets as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Richmond, DC and many more. DJ Nate Da Phat Barber is highly respected in music circles in the City of Pittsburgh and has deejay’d events at some of the city’s hottest nightspots and venues.

Although his resume is extensive, Nate shows no signs of slowing down. He has dubbed himself the ultimate hustler and can easily back those words. Nate is also a licensed professional barber, event promoter, and a graphic designer. His list of businesses include The Natural Choice Barber Shop & Salon, Charismatic Nightlife event & promotions company, a thriving DJ business with an ever growing clientele, and finally a soon to be opened record store, café & lounge called 720.

Nate’s true love has always been music and the classic art of deejaying. Nate was exposed to deejaying in 1990 by DJ Selecta another local DJ whom he considers a mentor. From that moment there was no turning back. What sets Nate apart from other DJs is his ability to tap into a crowd’s energy & emotion and give them back what he has taken through music. He tells a story through the music and takes you on a mental journey that last much longer than the party he’s deejaying. These reasons are why Nate has been able to stay relevant and develop such a loyal following.

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Doctor Dap

Growing up as a son of a DJ, Doctor Dap started djing at age 10 and soon fell in love with the turntablism side of the craft. By the age of 12, he started djing Teen Clubs on Long island, NY. Since then, Doctor Dap has done numerous bars, clubs, concerts and private events along the east coast and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Doctor Dap is an open format DJ and Scratch DJ, that can deliver a diverse musical style with strong technical skills.
Doctor Dap found and built a highly followed and respected brand in Scratch Geek; which was created to support and promote Turntablist culture worldwide. Through Scratch Geek he has teamed with past National Red Bull 3style and Past Regional and National DMC Champions to develop and curate turntablism advice and scratching tutorials for beginner to advanced DJs. He has also been both a contestant and a judge of online scratch contests alongside past DMC National Champions.
Since finishing Pharmacy School, Doctor Dap has built a strong social media following through multiple fronts and is back with plans for more consistent gigs around Pittsburgh and New York, as well as adding competition wins to his name.

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Just a random dude from Pittsburgh PA.

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Seizures in photosensitive people may be triggered by exposure to some of lighting elements and/or visual effects inside of our event.

Patrons who are sensitive respiratorily may be triggered by our use of fog machines.

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Make Sure You Have Fun™ is committed to ensuring the safest and most welcoming environment for our patrons and party goers. Agreeing to come to a Make Sure You Have Fun™ event you agree to respect personal boundaries, be accepting of all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or color. Please always be respectful and be kind. After all that is done, let's have some fun.

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Make Sure You Have Fun™ 2 Year Anniversary w/ Four Color Zack