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Saturday January 18th 2020

10:00 PM until 02:00 AM

Osunlade + Tom Brown

A night of Deep House
Club Night
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A night of Deep House

Osunlade (NYC, Yoruba Records)
Tom Brown (Pgh)

Osunlade is simply one of the most authentic, emotive and powerful musicians / producers / DJs of his generation – a living embodiment of his art — and creator of a flowing collection of the most exciting Afro-flavoured house of our time. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he composed music for Sesame Street during the late 80s/early 90s, and upon his move to Los Angeles, worked with artists such as Patti Labelle and Freddie Jackson. After a stint there, he moved to New York, where he founded Yoruba Records. To date he has worked with artists such as Roy Ayers, Nkemdi, Salif Keita, and Cesária Évora. He is a priest of the Yoruba religion of Ifá. Because of his beliefs, Osunlade's music has a deep spiritual root in Yoruba traditions that are also reflected in the name of his record label, album covers, and also the titles of some of the tracks he has remixed such as "Obatala y Oduduwa" and "Yemeya."

Tom Brown's involvement as an artist and curator have developed his insight for atmosphere. His presence as a staple of the Pittsburgh house scene for over fifteen years displays a breadth of musical knowledge as deep as his vault. His talents have evolved from his earlier downtempo gigs, which have given us that deep-seated, funk and soul feeling he still delivers in his house sets today.

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Osunlade + Tom Brown