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Friday January 17th 2020

10:00 PM until 02:00 AM

ClockworkDJ + JX4

hiphop dj party benefit
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Open Format

ClockworkDJ (Cincinnati)
JX4 (Pgh)

If you ask his loyal day one fans, he is the artist formerly known as DJ CLOCKWORK, to most of his newer fans he is the “Official Tour DJ of Mac Miller” and a key member of the Most Dope Family. If you ask the artist himself he would tell you that he is “a continually evolving exploratory creator who DJ’s, produces and raps.”

CLOCKWORKDJ introduces the world to his new genre of music he calls Galactic Soul. CLOCK has spent the last few years living in the studio working with veterans and rising stars of the music industry. One of his early mentors platinum producer HI-Tek has been heavily involved in the process of helping CLOCKWORKDJ find and nurture his new sound. A recent collaboration with Chuck Inglish birthed CLOCKWORKDJ’s new single “BEANS” an electro/trance rap banger. This is a perfect example of divine harmony in the studio. The complex intoxicating hypnotic beat only took Chuck Inglish 30 minutes to create, the rest is history. It’s a song that highlights the dark underbelly of the music industry and warns those who are new to the business to be on the lookout for the vampires in the dark corners of every room. It’s CLOCKWORK’s cathartic release of how he felt while he lived in LA a year ago. The video for the song was shot by Snow Rowe and Annette Navarro from Mildly Impressed studios who were able to capture the essence of the dark song visually. The YouTube video has went viral since its release. Being a DJ at heart is what drove CLOCKWORKDJ to release the song in the form of a “POWERBALL” MAXI single. “I did if for my fellow DJ’s and for my fans who really love music. When most artists release a single these days it’s just one song, they have a remix of it or maybe just a radio version included on the single. I wanted to go old school and plug them with the acapella, instrumental, dirty and clean version. I want them to be able to experience the song in whatever format they vibing with at the time.”
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JX4 - Jeff Justus is a DJ and beat maker. He has been ingrained in the city of Pittsburgh’s music scene since 2004 performing under the name Jx4. He is known for his open format pulling from a wide range of genres, producing a style that has led him to play the best parties and events in the region.

A portion of the ticket sales benefit the Mac Miller Fund

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ClockworkDJ + JX4