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Friday February 26th 2021

09:00 PM until 12:00 AM

Hood Gang Zoom Arena Rock Show: An Interactive Family Reunion & Video Shoot

Funk rock wildness reunion from pgh party band
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*This is a live stream concert and video shoot on Zoom. Please read the full description.*

Tickets are $10 and available via Venmo or Paypal. You will receive a link to the Zoom before the stream via email. Please include your active email address and "ARENA ROCK" in the text body when sending payment.

Venmo - Michael-Lubbert
Paypal -

Your party heroes are back bringing our high-flying, hilarious hijinx, this time in a live interactive show. Drunk Monkey and I (Sneaky) reconvened during quarantine covi and are putting the finishing touches on our first album in 12 years. In preparation for Legends of the Party release, we've prepared a set debuting brand new party rockers, and resurrecting classics from the early years.

We've figured out how to utilize Zoom to create a truly interactive show; besides performing songs, we're looking at it as a class reunion of sorts. We have met and partied with so many fun people throughout the years, this will be a great chance for all us to catch up and maybe meet new friends. After the music we'll keep the Zoom room open for another happy hour or two. We'll do a Q&A (or should I say a brew & A?) and just drink and chat and be silly with anyone who'd like to stick around. And oh, one more thing, we'll also be capturing some of the Zoom footage to use in an upcoming video for the new song, Arena Rock. So we invite you to freak all the way out at this iParty, and wear a costume or your most outrageous outfit. You know how the Hood Gang do...

But in case you do not, yet: The Hood Gang, known for their high energy live performances, and incredible parties (most notably ROLLER BOOGIE - ), is an opportunity for people, of all ages, races, classes, preferences, and world views to come together, have fun, feel special, dance, laugh, throw their hands in the air, produce positive energy, and…well, to party. Everyone's in the Hood Gang, and we love yinz all very, very much!

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Hood Gang Zoom Arena Rock Show: An Interactive Family Reunion & Video Shoot