Events . Psytrance Park Sessions v8.0 - Synaptic Bloom w/ Orbicles & Karmakanik

Monday May 29th 2023

Show 12:00 PM until 09:00 PM

Psytrance Park Sessions v8.0 - Synaptic Bloom w/ Orbicles & Karmakanik

psytrance day party in riverview park
Riverview Park 159 Riverview Ave Pittsburgh

All Ages

Root Access presents
Psytrance Park Sessions v8.0

.~^ Synaptic Bloom ^~.

Experience the beauty and complexity of nature at our latest installation of our Park Party Sessions! Join us for a journey through the synaptic landscape of the mind, as we explore the cutting-edge technology of artificial neural networks in combination with the organic growth concept of synaptic plasticity.

For this session, we are happy to bring you a talented lineup of DJs, including two special guests from Philly, Orbicles and Karmakanik! Long time mainstays in the psytrance scene, along with our other DJs, they will guide you through the garden of the mind, using a mix of hypnotic sounds and mesmerizing visuals to create a sensory experience like no other. Witness the synaptic connections bloom and thrive, as they branch out and expand, just like the roots of a plant searching for nutrients in the soil.

Let the music guide you as you explore new neuronal pathways, enhancing connectivity and expanding the network. Feel the optimized signal transmission for smoother and more efficient neural communication, and witness the sharper and more precise neural firing patterns through advanced signal processing. Our plasticity DJs will craft a sonic experience that seamlessly blends the digital and organic realms, taking you on a journey through the deepest corners of your mind.

.~^ Lineup ^~.





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