Events . The Second Super Awesome Cool Town Funtime Variety Review Show

Saturday Nov 25th 2023

6:00 PM until 12:00 AM

The Second Super Awesome Cool Town Funtime Variety Review Show

dark after thanksgiving diy party
40th Street Bridge Park Pittsburgh

All Ages $10

The flyer appears to be advertising a quirky and eclectic event. Here's the information extracted from it:

Name of the event: "thesecondsuperawesomecooltownfuntimevarietyrevenueshow"
Possible date-related event mention: "overmbertwentyfifthmacysthanksgivingdaypradeaftershowch"
Performers or segments listed include:
"c_robo" with a tagline "Craziest crazy stuff ever exist"
"Joe-Begg solo" described as "nice songs from a nice man"
An impersonation act labeled "David Byrne In person-ate her-"
A segment or act called "Castration Anxiety"
"Slick Lloyd" noted as a "local purveyor of spirit"
"Johnny Arlett" followed by "more crazy noises!?!?"
A mention of "Johnny Bingus"
Price details: "6:00 pee em bring 10 dollars" and further details on a sliding scale payment of "no more than 5 no less than ten"
Location details are cryptic but mention "pay ten dollars get in or out of under the 40 streets bridge way it work don't you know"
Additional activities or offers include "maybe bring a kids chocolate and soups who knows also race"
Date of the event: "November of 25"
Mention of games at the event.
The flyer has a chaotic design with text overlaid on a high-contrast, possibly black and white, image of a cityscape. The text is varied in size and style, adding to the chaotic feel of the flyer. It suggests a non-traditional, possibly avant-garde event with a mix of performances and activities.

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Tags: Electronic Experimental