Events . RECEPTION CMU Design Exhibit 2024

Thursday Feb 15th 2024

6:00 PM until 08:00 PM

RECEPTION CMU Design Exhibit 2024

Explore the CMU Design Senior exhibition featuring works from the students' 4-year experience at CMU.
Art Opening
Miller Gallery

All Ages $0

End Meeting for All?
CMU Design Exhibit 2024
February 3 - 18

Reception: Thursday, Feb 15, 6-8pm

Explore the CMU Design Senior exhibition featuring works from the students' 4-year experience at CMU. The exhibition will be on display at the Miller ICA, Purnell Center for the Arts.

All three floors of the Miller ICA will be specially designed and curated by the Senior Design class to showcase the students' favorite projects ranging from furniture to illustration to clothing to large installations.

Exhibition Description

End Meeting for All?

In a world where Zoom squares once defined our shared spaces, we've evolved, adapted, and transformed. Some of us got to know each other digitally months or years before we saw each other physically. We conquered 16-hour time differences, navigated the challenges of virtual whiteboards like Miro, and weathered the storms of lost connections (WiFi and otherwise).

This show encapsulates the essence of our unique journey — from virtual connections to tangible creations. Our senior class, forged in the crucible of the digital realm, now invites you to witness the physical manifestation of our collective design capabilities. From pixels to prototypes, witness the transformation of concepts into reality, echoing the resilience and creativity that define our generation.

As we stand at the precipice of graduation and embark on the next chapter of our lives, the CMU Design Class of 2024 invites you to ponder the question: "End Meeting for All?" As you wander through the floors of Miller ICA, think: is this the conclusion of a chapter, or the commencement of something new? Our senior show is not simply a retrospective; it's a celebration of how we've expanded in dimensions, both as individuals and as a collective cohort. The challenges of our inception molded us into a dynamic and resilient group, and through this showcase, we share the rich tapestry of our experiences.

Featuring: Tara Banatwala, Ana Baskinger, Riya Bobde, Julianna Bolivar, Luca Cao, Renee Chang, Elise Chapman, Ricky Chen, Spoorthi Cherivirala, Jiyeon Chun, Michelle Dang, John Henley, Ellis Jones, Jasmin Kim, Gretchen Kupferschmid, Jessica Lai, Thien Le, Yoo Sung Lee, Hannah Lesser, Bryce Li, Shannon Lin, Catherine Liu, Emily Liu, Jayden Liu, Jacky Lococo, Teresa Lourie, Olivia Luk, Gia Marino, Georgia Miller, Yash Mittal, Susan Ni, Heysu Oh, Anthony Pan, Shruti Prasanth, Samantha Rauch, Cassie Rausch, Karan Shah, Max Stockdale, Chelsea Tang, Christy Zo.

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