Events . CS Cleaners (NY), Grin Hound, Saint Gooey

Thursday Mar 7th 2024

Show 8:00 AM

CS Cleaners (NY), Grin Hound, Saint Gooey

art punk from brooklyn
The Government Center 519 E Ohio St Pittsburgh

All Ages $10

CS Cleaners - CS Cleaners is a Brooklyn Art Punk band, with a unique blend of post-punk, no-wave, and bombastic art rock, the quartet juxtapose freaky abandonment with austere precision, their songs acerbic yet increasingly unglued. One minute they’re bending beneath the weight of a disjointed groove and the next they’re sprawling into the unknown, spitting and twitching at all tempos.


Hotdog Water - Hotdog Water is a beautiful voracious twisted marriage of three mysterious entities: Resident X, Resident Y, and the omnipresent unknown.

Grin Hound - 333 demons on their knees. Degenerate Doo Slop Egg Punk with Rock 'N' Roll love songs to this Abyss.


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