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Friday October 28th 2016

10:00 PM until 03:00 PM


techno halloween party
House Show
no venue specified
$10 21
1 users attending

Deep under the sidewalks...
A kickdrum is beckoning...
A foot crushes an old skull on the basement floor...
A hooded figure looms in the corner, holding two femur bones in an "x" over its heart...
The bodies sway in unison, a hex is being cast...

....you have entered The Bone Zone

- - - - - -

+| secret Bloomfield oubliette - address announced the day of event
+| 10p - ???
+| 21+, $10
+| cash bar 'til 2a, BYO after
+| all manner of ghoul welcome
+| a pre-All Hallows' Eve celebration deep beneath Liberty Avenue. Humans may call this a party or even a rave... we ghouls, however, know it only as The Bone Zone. Arrive in human form or temporary monster form, we shant judge ye - as long as you submit to the will of the beast. Come early and stay late with us as we descend to a more wretched plane.

-| Tony "The Bone Lord" Fairchild
-| Alex "Adramelech" Price
-| Jack "Glasya-Labolas" Morrin
-| Isabella "Ishtar" Peralejo
-| Additional Demon Jockeys (DJs) TBA

- - - - - -

The Bone Zone is a semi-private ritual. Please only invite those you trust most. The Gates of Hell will close for those that are unworthy

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