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Friday March 31st 2017

09:00 PM until 12:00 AM

musicSPACE with en EETCHIS, thoughtForm, Diaphony, + REW

March 31st An evening of fractured, experimental, and ambient A/V performances by various Pittsburgh electronic artists. Organized by Kevin Bednar (Cosmic Sound)
Space 812 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh
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8pm doors, 9pm start
$5 suggested at the door (100% of collected $ goes to the performers)


‘en EETCHIS’ - aka Michael Skz - is a Pittsburgh-based music producer with a formal background in music theory and rhythm. He also performs as Earth/Vessel and OMNIVM, two more experimentally-minded projects. With en EETCHIS, he builds from that background and creates more rhythmically-structured pieces, all with a strong, clear reverence and love toward the beat-artist greats.

Max Stephen Bajzek's project 'thoughtForm' explores the possible depths of electronic composition across audio and visual territory. Often representing itself as cinematic in nature, Max's musical work combined with his own found and rendered visuals create a cathartic multi-sensory timbral experience.

Diaphony is the extemporaneous inception of pianist Susan Kuo and violinist Danielle Rager, summoning consonant dissonance from medieval chants, neoclassical harmonization, and postmodern electronic roars.



Within my work, I seek to inspire awe and curiosity in the viewer, in response to the mysteries and confounding intricacies of nature and consciousness. My digital collages, videos, and projections spring forth from a spiritual questioning process in which I reflect on the veiled interconnectedness of all life. I combine imagery from nature and the cosmos, mystic traditions and religions, and scientific textbooks, in order to magnify the boundless human urge to understand self and world. Detailed collages take the form of ships’ wheels and compasses, of stained-glass windows and holy objects. My intention is to offer a view of humanity that is unifying and sacred. I present my pieces as keys that open doors to divine contemplation of our place in the cosmos.

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Tags: Ambient Art Avant Electronic

musicSPACE with en EETCHIS, thoughtForm, Diaphony, + REW