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Tuesday March 29th 2016

09:00 PM until 11:30 PM

Bad Movie Bingo: Peter Jackson's Bad Taste (1987)

over the top gore humor and aliens
Film Screening
Smiling Moose 1306 E Carson St, Pittsburgh
$0 21+
1 users attending

Most people know Peter Jackson from the Hollywood blockbuster hits of the Lord of the Ring saga but we'll be harkening back to where his career began. Before, The Frighteners and before Dead Alive (Braindead) he produced Bad Taste in '87.
In New Zealand, there have been strange events going on amongst the coastal villages. It's up to our four heroes, (one played by Peter Jackson himself) to figure out what's been going on and why everyone has gone missing?
Bad Taste is a cheesy array of splatter, tongue and cheek humor and aliens. Plus, Peter Jackson plays a dual role as both a bad guy and a good guy.

So join us on the 29th as we watch and play along to this gem.
SweetWater will be half off till 11pm and there's $3.00 Fireballs as well.

A Bingo awards you a $5 drink and of course we'll have giveaways during intermission and the Grand Prize after the show. See you then.

Added by Geoffrey Maddock

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 Bad Movie Bingo: Peter Jackson's Bad Taste (1987)