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Friday April 6th 2018

05:30 PM until 09:00 PM

Marx@200 Exhibition Opening

25 artists with pieces relating to karl marx
Art Opening
Space 812 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh
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On Display April 6th - June 10th
Gallery Crawl April 27th 5:30-10pm

Karl Marx is one of the most influential and controversial thinkers in history. To explore Marx’s continued influence at the time of his bicentennial, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Carnegie Mellon University’s Humanities Center present Marx@200.

Curated by CMU’s Kathy M. Newman and Susanne Slavick, Marx@200 will feature more than 25 works by artists from around the world. The artworks represent a diverse range of perspectives on Marx and his critique of inequality and capitalism, as well as his influence on political movements and regimes.

“As artists respond to both historical and current conditions, Marx’s legacy has shaped how and what they create,” said Newman, associate professor of English, who has also organized a series of lectures that examine Marx. “He is also becoming a popular culture icon in the digital age, with his image being used in countless memes and on products. We want to give people a chance to examine these phenomena and to reflect on the themes these artists have appropriated for their own work, from the rising tide of globalization to wealth inequality, to job loss and automation.”

Lauren Frances Adams, American artist, You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Chains (2018)
Maja Bajevic, Bosnian artist, Arts, Crafts and Facts
Nina Beier, Danish artist, Greens (500 Peso) 2014
Joshua Bienko, Ever So Much More So (2008-2010)
Matt Bollinger, American artist, The Lot (2013)
Mel Chin, Revised Post Soviet Tools to be Used Against the Unslakeable Thirst of 21st Century Capitalism (2010)
Kathryn Clark, American artist, Foreclosure quilt (2008-2013)
Carol Condé and Karl Beveridge, Canadian artists, Multiple Exposures (2011)
Jeannette Ehlers, Danish artist, Black Bullets (2012)
Rayna Fahey, Australian artist, Don’t Just Buy It (Make Revolution) (2010)
Blake Fall-Conroy, American artist Minimum Wage Machine (2012) and Factory Wheelabrator Baltimore (2017)
Cao Fei, Chinese artist, Who’s Utopia (2006)
Claire Fontaine, Italy-based collective, Untitled (2004)
Coco Fusco, Cuban-American artist, Ted Ethology: Primate Visions of the Human Mind (2015)
Lungiswa Gqunta, South African Artist, Together Hand in Hand We Will Liberate This Country (2016)
Kiluanji Kia Henda, Angolan artist, Karl Marx, Luanda (2005)
Ottmar Hörl, German artist, Karl Marx (2013)
Alfredo Jaar, Chilean-born artist, September 15, 2009 (2009)
Andrew Ellis Johnson, American artist, Futures (2009) and Union (2017)
Tavia LaFollette, American artist, Smoking Marx (2018)
Steve Lambert, American artist, Capitalism Works for Me! True/False (2011)
Liane Lang, Marx Engels Support Group (2015)
Michael Mallis, American artist, Natural Selection: The Rise of the Proletariat (2008)
Paolo Pedercini, Italian-born artist, To Build a Better Mousetrap (2014)
William Powhida, American artist, Solidarity Economies (2014)
Raqs Media Collective, The Capital of Accumulation (2010)
Pedro Reyes, Mexican artist, Baby Marx (2008)
Erik Ruin, American artist, Climate Chaos (20120
Alex Schaefer, American artist, Bank of America, Palm Springs (2012)
Dread Scott, American artist, Vendome Column, Toppled, 1871 (2011) and Maison Marx (2011)
Elin Slavick, American artist, Workers Dreaming (1999-present)
Slinko, Ukranian-born artist, Crowd Pleaser (2011)
Shinique Smith, American artist, Surface Value III (2007)
Jina Valentine, American artist, Memoranda (NYSE: GEO)
Kirsty Whitlock, UK artist, Losses (2009)
Imin Yeh, American artist, 18 September 1867, (2018)

Image by: Lázaro Saavedra González

For more info: http://www.spacepittsburgh.org/portfolio-view/marx200/

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Marx@200 Exhibition Opening

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Marx@200 Exhibition Opening
Event: Marx@200 Exhibition Opening
Geoffrey Maddock
25 artists with pieces relating to karl marx
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