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Wednesday December 5th 2018

09:00 PM until 02:00 AM

Penumbra and 412BOSS Crew Present: Dave Owen (NYC) Metalheads/Liquid V

Drum and Bass show at New Amsterdam, Pittsburgh PA
Penumbra series Concert
New Amsterdam
$5 21+
2 users attending

Dave Owen isn’t quite a household name in drum and bass, but he should be. With a body of work that dates back to the early 2000s,he’s been consistently flying the flag for the genre stateside while making chinks in the UK drum and bass armor. Now he and a group of original U.S. producers such as Random Movement and Flaco are taking the lead as more fresh talent pops up across the country by the day. He’s in the perfect position to take the lead, though he doesn’t behave that way. He’s just happy to be producing the music he loves.

Owen also has the perfect blend of inspiration. Since he was young he divided his time between the U.S. and UK, and credits this split upbringing with his split musical influences; everything from west coast R&B and rap to UK garage. Now based in New York, Owen still spends a lot of time on both sides of the pond and releases his own brand of hybrid experimental liquid drum and bass which also crosses the pond with labels like Liquid V, Formation and Rubik, just to name a few. His latest track, surprisingly not a liquid tune, can be spotted on Randall’s label Mac 2 via the massive Pieces II compilation which includes Benny L, Shimon, Randall, Jaybee and MC Fats to name a few.

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Penumbra and 412BOSS Crew Present: Dave Owen (NYC) Metalheads/Liquid V