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Sunday October 25th 2020

12:00 PM until 07:00 PM

Puzzle Path #2: The Apocalypse

What is Puzzle Path?It's an outdoor adventure game with a loose story and puzzle solving. Think esc
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What is Puzzle Path?
It's an outdoor adventure game with a loose story and puzzle solving. Think escape room meets scavenger hunt on a bike path. and you've got the idea. An intro story will set the stage and point you to the starting location, where you'll find more story, as well as clues to the next location as well as puzzles to solve to unlock the path to completing the game.

You can play solo or with a team (two is best, but more is fine!). This second iteration of the game involves biking aboute 10 miles on a local bike path, discovering clues, solving puzzles, opening locked items and should take about three hours.

DM me to sign up or if you have questions, or send to geoff.maddock@gmail with PUZZLE PATH in the subject!

This Game's Synopsis...
All signs of 2020 were pretty bleak and seemed to be leading towards some sort of end of the world situation...but until the president's eyes started glowing, his head spinning and him speaking in a demonic voice about the impending approach of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, you never took it to mean *literally*.

Thankfully as a PHD in ancient religious texts at Duquesene University, you know a lot about this topic. Your mentor has recently translated some newly discovered ancient tablets and he thinks there is a way to stop the horsemen before they actually can fully manifest on earth and bring on the end of days. Hopefully you can follow his instructions and race against least before demonic Trump can get re-elected!

Stay tuned for the intro on the day the your game starts!

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Puzzle Path #2:  The Apocalypse