Events . CEX (Tigerbeat 6), Lord Grunge, Grape A Don, Girltalk

Sunday Jun 16th 2002

Show 1:51 PM

CEX (Tigerbeat 6), Lord Grunge, Grape A Don, Girltalk

live electronic, hiphop and mashup sounds
Millvale Industrial Theater

All Ages

CEX (Tigerbeat6)
Lord Grunge (grand buffet)
Grape-A-Don (grand buffet)

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CEX (Tigerbeat 6), Lord Grunge, Grape A Don, Girltalk
Event: CEX (Tigerbeat 6), Lord Grunge ... Related: Girltalk Grand Buffet Millvale Industrial Theater Tags: Electronic Hip Hop Idm
Geoffrey Maddock
live electronic, hiphop and mashup sounds
Geoffrey Maddock
I shared these pics from this event a few years back, and it came back as a "memory" post today. I thought I had a review written up on it, so I did a search and found my thoughts on it that I shared on the Wrecked message board....

"Last fall i went to cleveland to check out the tigerbeat6 tour, (kid 606 etc) that i wanted to hook up in pittsburgh but couldn't get a good date/venue arrangement. It was a real cool show not only because there was some diverse *new* and different sounding electronic music/noise, but that the people performing at the show really were having fun. Alot of the time with techno/djs they'll try to be anonymous or are totally involved in the manipulating of the sounds. Which, despite how good the music might be, is usually boring to watch. One of the exciting standouts from this show was Cex. He didn't even stand behind his laptop at all, in fact most of the time he was dancing and jumping around the whole venue and talking about something other than his music. On top of that, dood raps, and is quite funny. Did i meantion he looks like a major dork? Yeah so i was real excited to check him out in pittsburgh

Alongside cex in this show was Lord Grunge and Grape-A-Don from Grandbuffet doing their solo thing. I definitely give these guys lots of props, because they're always fun live. I think they're still working out the kinks on a solo basis, but there were some highlights. "Lord Grunge pump it up" to the tune of jesus jones' "right here right now" is some bizarro early 90's retro that shouldn't be happening, but its still real funny. Unfortunately i missed Grape-A-Don's set, but i was there in time to check out another local, Girl Talk, who was formerly a member of the Joysticks. The setup for his act was too classic. Lots of commercial girly junk, from the Girl Talk game, to a selection of girls bikes, and he's dressed on some bizarro goodwill-aquired pink outfit. Oh my. The sounds were extremely dsp'd versions and pieces sampled from pop music. Some of it was very reminicient of 606's slightly wanky fuckings with nwa, some of it was extremely clever juxtapositions (like old dirty bastard and the duck tales theme). But the show came complete with some synchronized dancing, free cupcakes, and skit interludes. I was like *way* impressed. The other 'national' act on the bill was Stars As Eyes, which is a new signing to the Tigerbeat6 label. I wasn't sure what to expect, but i'd heard good things about them. They were two guys playing off a laptop, and i think they intentionally played a mellow set. Alot of it was really cool sounding processed live instruments, which sounded like they were arranged for the tracks rather than simply being some randomly manipulated samplings. Good stuff, but its faded a bit since the show so i can't get any more in depth

Cex played last on the night and was quite entertaining. All he did with the laptop was hit play for some premade tracks. Which by the way are some really great ass-shaking idm, that alternately falls between electro jungle and hiphop with an emotional edge. He started by encouraging everybody to pick up their chairs and throw them on the ground, and "dance if ya wanna". He proceeded to go on a really great talk about how anybody can be a famous "musician" like him and make up shit. Because wouldn't you rather hear a bunch of absurd made up shit than the 'truths' being told down to you from alot of other stages. Overall it was really rocking...he did alot more rapping during this show than last time on some off the wall topics like a woman giving birth to a beehive, and um...pancakes. Much much tighter flows than last time, from the song tracks to some freestyles. And all along he's removing clothes, wrapping himself in plastic and generally acting up. I can't ask for much more in a show."

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