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Saturday December 10th 2016

09:00 PM until 04:00 AM

BxC presents Dimentia, Speak Onion, Morlox, Devnull + more

live hard electronic music party
Bloomfield Bridge Tavern 4412 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh
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Saturday December 10, 2016
9pm-4am $10
4614 Liberty Ave. (enter from Sapphire)

BxC presents a night of live, original electronic music from

- Dimentia [Oakland, CA]
Active since 2001, this is the primary project of Sean Dimentia who also creates and collaborates under the names Montaux [alongside Xanopticon], Cinkrillian Weight, Kanopic Descent. The project in based in hardware production, live performance, and has roots in dark electro and breakcore. Dimentia has toured both in Europe and the US and has released music with Katabatik, Void Tactical Media, Zhark, Record Label Records, and Cuss Fetish record labels.

- Speak Onion [Queens, NY]
Seething noise, giant deformed beats, and absolutely wrong atmospheres spewed from machines. Speak Onion has releases on Ohm Resistance and Immigrant Breast Nest.

- Morlox [Denver, CO]
Using a blend of hardware, Morlox creates walls of glitched out IDM noise that evolves into haunting melodies and dark rhythms.

- Dev/Null {Boston, MA]
A special DJ set from the brains behind Blog to the Old Skool and 8205 Recordings.

Intense rhythmic noise and broken bass made on modular synths and drum machines. This is the record release party for "Mechasimulacria", his latest on Thac0 Records.

Modular noise, industrial doom, and splintered sounds. 8cylinder has releases on Unmapped North.

Live visuals from Nate Cake

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Tags: Breakcore Electronic Experimental Hardcore Idm

BxC presents Dimentia, Speak Onion, Morlox, Devnull + more