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DJ and Intermedia Artist based in Pittsburgh, USA

Malzof is a DJ and Intermedia Artist based in Pittsburgh, USA. Malzof plays abstracted grooves- weaving together melodies and rhythms across genre, BPM and era into sonic journeys. Spanning ambient, experimental, broken beat and multiple genres of house, techno and beyond, their sets enchant the dance floor with blissed out beats, fun and freaky vocals, psychedelic percussions and environmental sounds. With a creative background in video production, live visuals and installation art since the late 2000s, Malzof has taken their live performance style to inform the ways in which they set off to DJ, augment sound and engage with the audience. Across mediums, they are inspired by the synesthetic connection between seeing, hearing and feeling; natural and industrial elements; and exploring community histories of liberation and joy. They sought to bring these pieces all together with their first combined live VJ & DJ set in 2015 during one of the Silent Barn’s infamous 24-hr parties. Meanwhile, they started the Thundercunts dance party with some friends, as a place for artists to experiment with their mediums, bringing art, performance, and DJing to multiple venues across Pittsburgh and Detroit. In 2018, they officially formed the Malzof project as the home for their DJing and a space for further sound exploration and music production. They are also known for their involvement in organizing parties, workshops and community events with BOOM Concepts, gFX/Hot Mass, and more. Malzof is a studio artist with BOOM Concepts and holds a residency at Half Moon BK Radio. You can tune in every second Wednesday of the month at 3 PM EST for Jamming with Malzof (halfmoonbk.com). Special episodes highlight a label, musical group or genre from the 80s to early 00s. Malzof loves to explore weird sonics, sampling, storytelling, community collaboration, and dancing.

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