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CS & BxC Pres. Renick Bell, William Fields, Father of Two +
General 2 weeks ago
Hot Mass [Detour] w/ Locals ONLY
General 3 weeks ago
Machine Girl/Five Star Hotel/Channel 63/Food Corps/Kala Btz +
General 1 month ago
new local music collection at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh needs submissions
Related: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Oakland Branch)
General 6 months ago
Speak Onion, Xglare, Plasma Arc, Morgantics
General 8 months ago
Lazercrunk 10th Anny w/ Shiftee (NYC)
General 9 months ago
Cat/Scan: Decide Today, Qancel, Five Star Hotel +
Related: BxC Collective Disheveled Spednar Tall Timber
General 10 months ago
Hot Mass pres. Detroit In Effect, Jwan Allen, Tony Fairchild
Tags: Electro Techno
General 11 months ago
Skeletal Family/Shadow Age/Silence/DOG/+TBA
General 11 months ago
Marx@200 Exhibition Opening
General 11 months ago
Castle, Legendry, and Limousine Beach
General 11 months ago
Boundless: a benefit dance party
General 11 months ago
ADULT. [Mute Records: Detroit] + HIDE [Dais Records: Chicago]
Related: Brillobox Cutups Death Instinct Tags: Experimental Industrial Synth-pop
General 1 year ago
Stephen Kent didgeridoo, Phat Man Dee, Stephen Sciulli
General 1 year ago
Altared I: Bary Center, J Butler, To Sleep At Night, Dilettante
General 1 year ago
Lunacy, Child of Night, Bring Her, & DJ Erica Scary
Related: Bring Her Cattivo Erica Scary Tags: Goth Industrial Post-punk
General 1 year ago
Black Marble + You at Spirit
Related: Erica Scary Tags: Post-punk Synth-pop
General 1 year ago
Gabba-Ghoulies! with Teknoist, Skull Vomit, BitMummy, BlackDaddy
Related: BxC Collective Tags: Breakcore
General 1 year ago
Matt Jencik Vanta Black Jeremy Boyle Autumn Pool Rainsleep
General 1 year ago
Pandemic Cumbia Party: El Dusty & Dos Santos, JuanDiego
General 1 year ago
event-repo - site development and release notes
Tags: Development
General 1 year ago
synthwave october
Tags: Synthwave
General 1 year ago
cosmic fest
Series: Cosmic Fest Related: Disheveled Spednar Tall Timber Tags: Breakcore Idm Livecoding
General 1 year ago
BxC presents Xanopticon, Acrnym, Disheveled, Morgantics, Tall Timber and Arsonist +
Related: Xanopticon Tags: Breakcore
General 1 year ago
audio and video from musicians playing in pittsburgh soon
Tags: Live Sets
General 1 year ago
site tips and tricks
General 1 year ago
Series: LAZERCRUNK Related: Brillobox Cutups Keeb$ Stackin Paper Tags: Bass Club Music
General 1 year ago
what is
Tags: Diy
General 1 year ago